Our Prefab Offerings

Versatility and innovation of Modcave’s prefab offerings. From portable office cabins and custom-designed kiosks to modular homes and specialized industrial facilities, our products are designed to meet a variety of needs across multiple sectors. Crafted with precision and care, ensuring quality, durability, and sustainability.

Made With Light Gauge Steel Structure

Our products are made using light gauge steel structures, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. This innovative approach provides superior resistance to environmental challenges. By utilizing light gauge steel, we guarantee that our prefab solutions are not only robust and versatile but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

This method allows for flexible design options, quick assembly, and minimal onsite waste, making it an ideal choice for modern construction needs.

Portable Office Cabins

Optimize your workspace with our Portable Office Cabins, designed for minimal maintenance and adaptable setups.

PEB & Prefab Structures

Discover efficient and versatile prefab structures, offering quick installation and robust designs at an affordable price.

Portable Toilets

Ensure convenience and hygiene with our space-efficient Portable Toilets, featuring eco-friendly and durable designs.

Prefab Security Cabins

Secure your premises with our fully customizable and compact Prefab Security Cabins, designed for all-weather conditions.

Modular Labour Colonies

Create comfortable living spaces quickly and cost-effectively with our space-optimized Modular Labour Colonies.

Modular Staff Colonies

Enhance worker satisfaction with Modular Staff Colonies, offering robust design and integrated amenities.

Shipping Container Offices

Transform your workspace with our Shipping Container Offices, known for their quick setup and versatile aesthetics.

Prefab Kiosks & Shops

Start your business in no time with our Prefab Kiosks & Shops, offering customizable designs and super quick installation.

Modular Homes

Build your dream home faster with our Modular Homes, designed for energy efficiency and low maintenance.

Mobile Toilet Cabins and Vans

Provide hygienic, mobile sanitation solutions with our Mobile Toilet Vans, designed for high mobility and self-sufficiency.

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